Final Vacuum Saga Post

Saturday, December 30th, 2017 the UPS man arrived with a package. Since all my Christmas shopping had long arrived and my out of necessity Bissell vacuum Amazon purchase had been delivered 24 hours after I placed the order, I had no idea to expect.

Once inside I saw it was my Dyson replacement vacuum. And the reason I had no idea what UPS was dropping off was because I still to this day have never heard a word from Dyson. No follow-up emails, no return phone calls, no smoke signals, no Morse code, nothing but a whole lot of crickets.

My husband asked what I wanted him to do with it. After politely biting my tongue…I mean it’s not his fault Dyson customer service sucks…I told him the true. I didn’t care what he did with it. He could open it and use it. He could leave it in the box and stick it in a corner somewhere. He could sell it to some guy at work. He could put it out by the side of the road with a free sign on it. He could give it to his Dad. I honestly don’t care what happens to it.


The Dyson in its new home. In the garage next to the kitty litter pan.


I am so totally over Dyson which it really sad since I had, before this fiasco, decided my next Dyson purchase was one of their humidifiers. I will give credit where credit is due, Dyson does make some pretty decent products, but the incompetence of their entire customer service staff and the thought of ever having to deal with them again, completely kills my desire to purchase anything else with the Dyson name on it.


Vacuum Saga Update-Part Two

Saturday December 23th around 11:30AM the doorbell rang and there was the mailman holding a fairly large box. After helping me drag it inside I opened it and discovered my brand new Bissell vacuum, ordered almost exactly 24 hours prior.

It was super easy to put together. Two screws and a couple snaps and that was it! Plugged it in and the suction level was amazing. The cord isn’t as long as my previous vacuum and the process required to change from the floor to carpet setting isn’t quite as user friendly, but over all I’m very pleased.

Great price. Super fast delivery by Amazon. Amazing suction. Adequate variety of attachments.  All factors which make me very happy especially considering it has now been 10 days and still no update from Dyson on my lost vacuum.


Vacuum Saga Update-Part One

After being on hold for 45 minutes waiting to speak with a Dyson supervisor about my lost unit, I hung up and immediately called back. This time I was on hold for 11 minutes before my call was answered by a customer service rep. I told her I needed to speak with a supervisor. She placed me on hold and then picked the line back up and hung up on me.

I then googled best vacuums of 2017, went to Amazon and purchased a $80 Bissell which is guaranteed for delivery on Sunday, December 24th.

Fuck you Dyson


Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with One Pass $79.99

I Give Up! Dyson Vacuum Has Won!

I jumped on the Dyson bandwagon several years ago with both feet. Having six dogs and at the time four cats, we desperately needed a vacuum that could handle everything from dog hair to cat litter and the Dyson reviews said these vacuums could do all that and more.

Picked our first one up at Costco during their Black Friday event which helped take the sting out of the price. It did work great up until the point when a roller bar broke. It still continued to work but left wheel marks across all the hardwoods. Since it was under warranty I contacted Dyson to order a replacement part only to be told that part was out of stock. It continued to be out of stock for the next three months. At that point, I was told they were going to send me a brand-new replacement vacuum, which they did. And once again life was lovely.

Until a year or two down the road when the replacement unit needed a different part. A $9 part. Which Dyson said they wouldn’t send out because it needed to be installed by a “factory trained technician” with the closest service center two hours away. Tried to set that up…for a plethora of reasons it couldn’t/didn’t happen.  I called Dyson back and was instructed to take the vacuum to my nearest UPS location and they would ship it to the main service center and that I would have it back within two weeks.  I took it that day, December 4th and UPS didn’t have a clue what to do with it. They made a couple calls, printed out a receipt and I thought everything was good to go. Oh, no, no, no.

Two weeks go by. No vacuum, no confirmation email, so I get on the phone. This was Monday, December 18th. It is now Friday, December 22nd and as I write this, I’m on hold with Dyson customer service and have been for 24 minutes. And this has been a daily occurrence every day this week.

On Monday I discovered they didn’t have my unit. Turns out when UPS called Dyson they were given the wrong address and sent it to New York to the exchange center instead of Illinois to the repair center.

On Tuesday after several more phone calls Dyson finally said, “no worries! We’ll just send you ANOTHER new vacuum. And you’ll be getting an email later today containing the tracking number.”

On Wednesday I called back because I received no email. Was told it was being processed.

On Thursday I called again because I received no email Was told it was being processed. At that time I asked to speak to a supervisor. Was told someone would return my call within two hours. That was almost 24 hours ago. I was offered additional tools for my trouble. I explained to the CSR, it was pretty ridiculous to offer tools for a vacuum I don’t even have at this point.

Now it’s Friday December 22nd. Amanda told me that she sees where my replacement unit has been approved but a tracking number hasn’t been issued yet because the unit hasn’t been shipped and she doesn’t know when it will be shipped. Once again I asked to speak to a supervisor and have been holding now for 42 minutes.

So here it is three days before Christmas. I still have the six dogs and now only three cats but I have also gained a live-in three-year-old granddaughter along with her mother and my only vacuum is a $100 Hoover stick, which while it works great, certainly can’t keep up in both battery life and canister size.

Bottom line, at this point I have no idea if or when I am ever going to get either my old vacuum back or the new replacement one I was promised. But I can guarantee one thing: I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DYSON PRODUCT EVER AGAIN. And that says a lot considering in addition to the vacuum, I also own a Dyson heater/fan and a Dyson air purifer/fan.

I am done. Life is too short for this kind of frustration and incompetent customer service. All because of a $9 part we could have easily replaced ourselves.


**Also their line about a two hour email response 24 hours a day is BULLSHIT… did that on Monday, still haven’t heard back. Also the log-in feature on their website has been down the entire week and online chat is not up and running either.


Where’s the Quality?

Years ago a national fast food hamburger chain ran a very successful ad campaign entitled, “Where’s the Beef?” mocking their competitors who had begun serving minuscule burgers topped with subpar ingredients. While “Where’s the Beef?” became a major catchphrase, the ad did nothing to change the corporate climate of offering less for the same amount, if not more, money. And unfortunately, this attitude in everything from the clothes we wear, the homes we live in, and the food we consume, has continually gotten worse over the past 35 years.

Recently I purchased a bag of Bugles. While I realize they contain no nutritional value they are tasty and I wanted to introduce my two year granddaughter to the joy of eating Bugles off your fingertips. These Bugles were so small the hole at the top was completely baked together. There was no way even my granddaughter could squeeze her tiny little fingers in the space. They tasted as good as a Bugle can taste but the “fun factor” was missing.


I emailed General Mills, the company who makes Bugles, not to ask for a refund, but to let them know how disappointed I was in their decision to change the shape/size of their snack.bugle

No reply email or phone call…no acknowledging receipt of my concerns, until a few weeks later when I received an envelope in the mail from them. Inside were several “cents off” coupons along with one or two free purchase coupons. Nothing letting me know they were taking my complaint under consideration, nothing thanking me for taking the time to let them know of my concerns, nothing telling me it was a fluke and that Bugles are exactly the same size as always…just the coupons.

I assume General Mills must think I am a loyal Bugles fan, eating at least a bag a week, when in reality, I may purchase a bag a year. So, instead of making me feel as though they at least understand my concern, they blew me off with coupons for a product in all honesty I probably won’t even purchase again.

Thank God I recycle so at least the coupons won’t go completely to waste!