2018 New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time of the year again. Time to take stock of my life, figure out what I did right, what I did wrong, where I can improve and basically just try to determine how to live my best life for the upcoming 365 days.

I must admit dear readers, the last couple of years have been challenging. Without boring you with all the messy details it is sufficient to say the number one reason is because I am ready to move onto my next adventure. But due to numerous reasons, most of which are valid, it hasn’t happened. And while I am reluctant to say “definitely” I will say I am “almost definitely” certain nothing is going to happen for at minimum the next five years.

So my biggest challenge for 2018 is structuring my mindset and life to provide some semblance of peace and happiness. Which in turns, falls under the category of New Year Resolutions.

In the past I’ve had limited success in keeping resolutions. For example in 2016 one of my resolutions was not to incur any library fines, and I kept that one. In 2017 I resolved to stay off of social media. I deleted my Facebook account, gave up Instagram, closed Goodreads and Snapchat and vowed to stay off Twitter (I didn’t close my Twitter account because I don’t want to lose my account name.) Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much success as I had hoped. I found myself sneaking back on Twitter and occasionally looking at Facebook through another account. I also tried to stay off internet news sites and couldn’t accomplish that to the degree I wanted. But on a positive note, for all the free time generated by not being online as much as in the past I ended up reading 80 books and countless magazines.

First 2018 New Year’s Resolution: STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AND ALL NEWS SITES. In fact, I do better if I just stay offline completely unless for business, research or my blog.

Second 2018 New Year’s Resolution: Stop giving advice. No more weather reports or road condition updates. No more emailed or texted links to articles. No more magazine articles on subjects of interest. I will no longer waste my time.

Third 2018 New Year’s Resolution:  Figure out how to create my next glory day. (Thank you Neil deGrasse Tyson.) I have always had a goal to work toward. And for the most part I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. And then it seemed as though I woke up one day with nothing to excite me. Tyson talks about “when people stop writing chapters.” And as a writer it’s a pretty sad day when you realize you yourself have stopped writing your life’s chapters.

Three resolutions, all of which are pretty life changing. Wish me luck. I plan on updating my progress throughout the year. Hopefully that will help to keep me on track.


Random Thought: Why is there such a stigma surrounding certain used items?

Saturday morning yard sales are HUGE here in the South. I’ve seen people practically make a living off of these sales. And on occasion it can be fun to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and go traipsing around unfamiliar neighborhoods looking at someone else’s junk. For many the high is when they find that one thing they can’t live without and spend the next 15 minutes negotiating the all ready “so low it’s almost free” price down even further.

When I moved off the 36′ sailboat I called home for 8 years, I spent a good bit of time hitting up yard sales, estate sales and consignment shops. I hated (and still do) the thought of buying things new when not necessary. And throughout all my secondhand shopping I found it interesting the list of items which are considered taboo to try to sell.

Those things include:

  • Underwear (both new and used.)*
  • Shoes (unless they are brand new still in the box.)*
  • Food. Don’t know if it is considered taboo or just something people don’t think of. I mean if I bought 4 boxes of the same kind of pasta, ate one and discovered I didn’t like it, I probably wouldn’t think about getting rid of it at a yard sale.
  • Old towels and bed linens.*
  • Used hygiene products, beauty care products, makeup, bath toiletries, etc. etc.* And while I definitely understand the concern surrounding purchasing something that personal, I was in Goodwill the other day and saw a very large plastic tub encased in saran wrap and FULL of used lotions, serums, creams, and the like. And they wanted $25 for it!

* That is unless these items are for sale at an estate sale. There, all rules are out the window and unless the family wants it, everything is usually available for a price.

And while I still talk a good game about checking out yard sales, now that my house is completely furnished I’m just not that motivated. Plus, the last time I did stop I was on the hunt for oversized flower pots which this one house did have, but they weren’t for sale.

What are some of the best deals you’ve gotten while bargain shopping whether at a yard sale or thrift store? I’d love to hear about them!




Things I Can’t Live Without

  • Coffee-A major component of my life these days since giving up alcohol. Lately my favorite is iced coffee with caramel syrup and half and half.
  • Chapstick-One on my nightstand. One in my car. One in my pocket. At all times.
  • Books and Magazines-Both made from paper and the electronic versions.
  • My pets-Even when I lived on a 36′ sailboat I had cats and dogs.

I used to have many, many more things to list but have found as I get older, I don’t need/want as much as before. It’s a nice feeling, very liberating.