After many years of writing for magazines and newspapers, all the while living on Nisus, my 36′ sailboat, I took a hiatus from pitching stories and chasing leads, threw off the dock lines and headed south.

Upon returning to the “real world” several years later, I discovered the markets I had written for in the past were slowly disappearing thanks to the internet. So I became busy trying to make a living churning out words for website content mills. Thousands upon thousands of words for blog posts I’m sure no one except the recent college grad account manager, and their client, ever read. This writing, along with not being very profitable, also drained me of the desire or ability to be creative.

Life’s fluidity is constant and I’m now once again at a place with the freedom to write for pleasure. I have always been a storyteller. Many count sheep when unable to sleep; I make up stories. For those not interested in fiction, never fear! You will also find my latest rants, raves and recipes, along with any  posts I felt were worth saving from a now defunct Tumblr blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy my words and please feel free to reach out and connect if you are so moved.