Final Vacuum Saga Post

Saturday, December 30th, 2017 the UPS man arrived with a package. Since all my Christmas shopping had long arrived and my out of necessity Bissell vacuum Amazon purchase had been delivered 24 hours after I placed the order, I had no idea to expect.

Once inside I saw it was my Dyson replacement vacuum. And the reason I had no idea what UPS was dropping off was because I still to this day have never heard a word from Dyson. No follow-up emails, no return phone calls, no smoke signals, no Morse code, nothing but a whole lot of crickets.

My husband asked what I wanted him to do with it. After politely biting my tongue…I mean it’s not his fault Dyson customer service sucks…I told him the true. I didn’t care what he did with it. He could open it and use it. He could leave it in the box and stick it in a corner somewhere. He could sell it to some guy at work. He could put it out by the side of the road with a free sign on it. He could give it to his Dad. I honestly don’t care what happens to it.


The Dyson in its new home. In the garage next to the kitty litter pan.


I am so totally over Dyson which it really sad since I had, before this fiasco, decided my next Dyson purchase was one of their humidifiers. I will give credit where credit is due, Dyson does make some pretty decent products, but the incompetence of their entire customer service staff and the thought of ever having to deal with them again, completely kills my desire to purchase anything else with the Dyson name on it.


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