Searching for the Holy Grail of Skin Care

Like most women, especially women of a certain age, I am constantly on the hunt for the best and most effective skin care products on the market today. And while costly, I have found for my red, dry and easily irritated facial skin, La Mer to be the best. Yes, I know, I know, it ain’t cheap but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go with what works.


That doesn’t mean I don’t still try samples from other product lines. And while some work, the majority don’t and I go running back to that simple, yet elegant white glass jar.

Recently I have discovered a fantastic facial mask from Fresh, their Fresh Rose Face Mask. Received as a sample, it has been sitting unused in my bathroom cabinet until I decided it was time to clean out all those “free” mini bottles, jars and plastic sachet packets that seem to accumulate on their own. The samples are usually so small they don’t include usage directions so I headed to the Fresh website where in addition to the Rose Face Mask description, there was also an ingredients list, how to use section and plenty of helpful reviews. After washing my face I gave it a try. My face tingled a bit when first applied but then I felt a nice cooling sensation. I left it on about 7 to 10 minutes then rinsed my face thoroughly, patted it dry and continued with the rest of my nightly skin care regiment. The next morning I was amazed at how good my skin looked and felt. While Fresh does say their Rose Face Mask is gentle enough to be used daily, given how temperamental my skin is, for now I will probably only use it perhaps twice a week, mainly on those days when I’m feeling really dry. I also received a small bottle of Rose Floral Toner, which I didn’t care for and a couple Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream sachets which I have been using on my neck and like a great deal.

rose face mask


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