Mango Black Tea Lemonade!

We all are aware of AA for alcoholics, NA for those dependent on drugs, Gambler’s Anonymous is for people who can’t leave the cards, lottery and horses alone, but what about us Starbucks addicts? If SA (Starbucks Anonymous) isn’t a thing it should be!

Obviously the financial impact of Starbucks does add up quickly…especially if your daily trip turns into daily trips. Plus, unless you actually work at Starbucks, it does take time out of your day to drive or walk to get your fix. Then there is that pesky habit Starbucks has of introducing a new beverage only to discontinue it.

One of their latest offerings which I really enjoyed was the Starbucks mango black tea lemonade. But alas, it is now just a distant Starbucks memory. And unlike many of their other syrups, mango was not available for sale online or at any of their stores, unless you were tight with a barista or store manager and they were willing to slip you a bottle.

Not one to do without something that makes me happy I went on a quest to make my own. That led to spending a little too much time online searching for just the perfect recipe which doesn’t exist. So I took a little bit from this one, a little bit from that one, and came up with my own, which IMHO tastes even better than what Starbucks offered. Plus it’s a heck of a lot cheaper and more convenient. Now when my craving hits all I have to do is wander into the kitchen and in less than 5 minutes I start sipping away.

Mango Black Tea LemonadeĀ 

  • Family sized Tazo iced true black tea bags*
  • Tazo passion tea concentrate**
  • lemonade***
  • mango syrup****

Brew one family sized bag of Tazo iced true black tea in 32 oz of water. DO NOT follow the recipe on the box which calls for 64 oz of water since you will be adding other ingredients.

After the tea is steeped here are the additional ingredients needed for approximately a venti-sized (24 oz) mango black tea lemonade.

  • 6 pumps mango syrup
  • 2 oz passion tea concentrate
  • 8 oz black tea
  • 8 oz lemonade

Add ice, stir or shake to blend, drink up, then drop me a line with your thoughts!

tea 6

*The only place I have been able to purchase Tazo iced true black tea family sized bags is at Target. It is available on Amazon but is more expensive. Other bloggers have suggested using Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea but I prefer the true black since it has less caffeine. If you look closely at the box the small circles indicate the caffeine level.

**Some recipes I found didn’t include the passion tea while others did but suggested adding a small single serving passion tea bag to the larger black tea bag while steeping. I couldn’t find any small iced passion tea bags so I bought the concentrate and played around with the amount. Feel free to adjust depending on your taste.

***Since the mango syrup is already sweetened I didn’t want to add a lot more sugar. The Florida’s Natural brand is the only one I found which did not have sugar or HFCS as the first ingredient.

tea 2

tea 3








****Now let’s talk about the mango syrup. As I mentioned previously, Starbucks doesn’t sell their brand but both Monin and Torani offer a mango flavor. I ordered a bottle of Monin from Amazon and it is very good but doesn’t come with a pump like the Starbucks syrups do. I have probably a dozen extra Starbucks pumps and so rather than spend six more dollars on a Monin pump, I tried to use a Starbucks pump on a Monin bottle but it wouldn’t screw on. Blue painter’s tape to the rescue! I taped that bad boy to the top of the bottle and it works like a charm…except for the fact the pump doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the bottle. I solved THAT problem by always keeping an extra bottle on hand. Now when the first bottle’s level gets low I just fill it back up with the new bottle. Easy-peasy!

tea 8

As much as I like the Monin brand, I am planning on trying Torani since it is less expensive and will let ya’ll know what I think.


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