Still Cracks Me Up

(from Tumblr)

Ya’ll remember that terribly horrible, how in the fuck did that bitch get published and make all that fucking money, S&M book, Fifty Shades of Gray? It was SO bad people (ie: other writers who actually can write) had to create parody accounts simply to be able to wrap their heads around the fact the book was a success. One of these accounts, 50 Shades of Suck, is the genius behind the following:

“Suddenly, Christian grabs me around my waist and launches me into the air, letting me fall into the water and sink beneath the weaves to the soft sand below. I surface, coughing, spluttering and giggling.” –Fifty Shades Freed, Chapter 1

 bitch, he just tried to kill you 

(via 50shadesofsuck)

Cracks me the fuck up EVERY TIME!


Want to read more? Here you go!



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