Feelings versus Actions

(from Tumblr)

Why is it so very hard for most of us to live life to the fullest? Perhaps it’s human nature. Maybe everyone feels this way but no one wants to talk about it for fear of sounding lazy or weak.

When a loss occurs it’s a reminder that life is both short and precious and not one minute should be wasted. But then reality creeps in and before you know it time has once again been spent on petty things that don’t warrant the time or attention just wasted.

Several years ago a dear friend from our sailing days died suddenly at the age of 37. His widow began posting photos on Facebook of their years together including one of him walking up the dock towards her. She captioned it “…I would give anything…” (This photo is on my blog.)

Earlier that evening I got irritated with Marc over something silly. We didn’t go to bed angry, just not happy. I woke up the next morning, saw my friend’s post and immediately felt ashamed of myself.

Life is so short. It’s hard to fathom how quickly time is passing. And while I vow  everyday not to waste a minute, at the end of each day I still wonder where the hours went.


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